Is class syntax really necessary ?

Bob Nystrom rnystrom at
Mon May 23 11:32:57 PDT 2011

> Using "public" to refer to an instance property seems totally weird to me.

For what it's worth, I agree. I'd prefer var or instance. I've already seen
at least one example of someone misinterpreting it and doing something like:

class C {
  public someMethod() { ... }

Their intent was to define a method on C's prototype (like you usually do)
and have it be publicly accessible (like they usually are), but the above
syntax doesn't do that. It's, I believe, an error instead because you're
trying to define a *per-instance* method and it doesn't allow per-instance

I'm pretty sure most people reading the above code would not interpret it
the way the proposal does.

- bob
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