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I personnaly agree that "it works, we don't need to change
it" is a bad pattern, but you still have to prove your propo-
sal is really better. Based on the number of mails we have 
seen in this mailing list saying they didn't want to see this 
implemented as-is, I think we can say it is (or, at least, we
can't say there'sn't something even better).

BTW, it's not because they introduced the arrow syntax 
that delegates have been used more in C#. It's because at 
the same time a lot of extensions methods have been 
added (similar to the current array extras). Before that, 
delegates *were* already used to add event handlers,
which was the only place where they were really helpful at
that time. The problem is that the "delegate" syntax forced
you to type the argument' types (a problem we don't have
in ES at this time) whereas the arrow syntax computed them.

As a good way to prove my point, we can see that in VB.NET 
the same feature was added at the same time with a more 
traditonnal syntax + type infering and it's also used a lot 
since then. 

[[ VB.NET Syntax: Function(X) X.Property ]]

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I'm sorry, this this argument is entirely circular:

- we have something that works
- it could be better
- but it works, so we don't need anything better


On May 21, 2011, at 10:08 AM, Peter Michaux wrote:

> On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Nathan Stott <nrstott at> wrote:
>> Having worked a lot with C#, my experience was that very very few
>> people used the C# 2.0 delegate syntax and now a large portion of the
>> community learned and uses the C# 3.0 syntax.  Syntax matters.
> JavaScript functions have not suffered neglect due to the length of
> their syntax. Function expressions are already wildly popular in
> JavaScript. So this C# data does not really support the necessity for
> change in JavaScript.

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