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I also tend to agree with this sentiment, despite having loved operator overloading in C++. 
My reasoning is that javascript has no current operator overloading to speak of and adding   
recent proposed operator syntax variations would seem to be better delegated to a transpiler of your choice. 
IMHO a better approach would be to minimize operator overloading in the current grammar 
and standardize an extensible grammar model/framework so that coffeescript, traceur and cousins 
are more easily produced and transpiled to a simple (if not verbose) target. Having a common grammar 
framework based on PEG's or something with similar characteristics (closed under composition, scannerless, 
ordered choice) and standardized among browser vendors would allow far more developers to innovate 
at the grammar level with the most popular or innovative grammar dialects being crafted by many rather than a few. 

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I agree with John, here, and think his sentiment is probably the most appropriate of all I've read.
For all the talk about what's "usable" and "readable", I haven't seen much mention of empirical testing done with ordinary people... (My sincere apologies if there's some usability test lab for middlingly intelligent JavaScripters that I'm not aware of).
It's worth remembering that nobody, no matter how well-intentioned, can ever really imagine what it's like to be more stupid or more ignorant than they currently are.

John J. Barton wrote:
> Both application developers and library/framework developers benefit 
> from clear, widely understandable code. Adding bizarre special 
> characters and programming constructs that require world-class 
> programming language expertise to understand helps neither group. > jjb 
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