ECMAScripts tests regarding SES

David Bruant david.bruant at
Wed May 18 13:54:54 PDT 2011


This message regards Secure ECMAScript (SES) [1] (by the way, can links
like [2], [3] or [4] be added to the ses wiki page?).
SES requires initSES.js to run. An environment where this happens is
called "Secureable EcmaScript 5" (please correct if I misunderstand or
misuse the terminology).
Regarding Securable ECMAScript 5, are there particular aspects of ES5
that would need to be tested in order to make sure not only that
initSES.js runs but also does what is expected from it. In other words,
are there tests that could be added to Test262 in order to help ensuring
an ES5 implementation is securable with "very high" confidence? Or is
the current test suite sufficient?


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