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On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Shawn Steele
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> I would much prefer changing "UCS-2" to "UTF-16", thus formalizing that
> surrogate pairs are permitted.  That'd be very difficult to break any
> existing code and would still allow representation of everything reasonable
> in Unicode.
> That would enable Unicode, and allow extending string literals and regular
> expressions for convenience with the U+10FFFF style notation (which would be
> equivalent to the surrogate pair).  The character code manipulation
> functions could be similarly augmented without breaking anything (and maybe
> not needing different names?)
> You might want to qualify the UTF-16 as allowing, but strongly
> discouraging, lone surrogates for those people who didn't realize their
> binary data wasn't a string.
> The sole disadvantage would be that iterating through a string would
> require consideration of surrogates, same as today.  The same caution is
> also necessary to avoid splitting Ä (U+0041 U+0308) into its component A
> and   ̈ parts.  I wouldn't be opposed to some sort of helper functions or
> classes that aided in walking strings, preferably with options to walk the
> graphemes (or whatever), not just the surrogate pairs.  FWIW: we have such a
> helper for surrogates in .Net and "nobody uses them".  The most common
> feedback is that it's not that helpful because it doesn't deal with the
> graphemes.

Hmm... I proposed break iterators for 'character/grapheme', word, line and
sentence as a part of  i18n API, but it's "shot down" (at least for version
0.5). Are you open to adding them now ? Once this discussion is settled and
the proposal to support the full unicode range is in place, we can revisit
the issue.


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