prototype for operator proposal for review

Kyle Simpson getify at
Wed May 18 06:38:07 PDT 2011

I'm definitely in favor of this <| proposal, btw.

>>> That sort of pattern certainly can be repeated if push comes to shove. 
>>> But I believe doing so is far inferior to dedicated, first-class 
>>> syntactical support to make the semantics absolutely unambiguous and 
>>> un-confusable with anything else.
> This makes sense.  I just want to make sure that the fundamental 
> capability to subclass built-in objects is available via libraries for 
> text/javascript, with the new syntax offering the more performant option 
> for text/harmony.

I'm pretty sure current `text/javascript` can sub-class safely, as FuseBox 
(from @fusejs) does with sandboxing natives. It's hacky, and relies on the 
non-standard __proto__ in most browsers (iframe in others), but it IS 
possible. Perhaps we should still formalize it, if we think 
`text/javascript` is gonna be around for a long time in parallel with 
ES.Next that has something like <|.



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