prototype for operator proposal for review

Luke Hoban lukeh at
Tue May 17 23:59:40 PDT 2011

>> That sort of pattern certainly can be repeated if push comes to shove.  But I believe doing so is far inferior to dedicated, first-class syntactical support to make the semantics absolutely unambiguous and un-confusable with anything else.

This makes sense.  I just want to make sure that the fundamental capability to subclass built-in objects is available via libraries for text/javascript, with the new syntax offering the more performant option for text/harmony.

>> And of course this would also make it harder for IDEs and such to give good first-class syntax highlighting here, because the syntax for this would be ambiguous with user-created stuff.

What kind of syntax highlighting would you want to offer?  Distinguishing normal arrays from arrays with non-standard prototypes would be more difficult, but this doesn't seem like a common syntax highlighting need.  

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