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Sorry about that, what I meant in relation to a common vm, and admittedly I was implicitly referring to browser contexts, was a standardised vm responsible for interpretation potentially multiple languages, as opposed to just one (personally I think v8 JIT Vm rocks, but that's a language specific interpreter, I was thinking more in line with the philosophy of JVM DaVinci)

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>> However, what if, rather than trying to consolidate legacy with emerging (naive or otherwise) expectations of the languages evolution, that focus is put instead upon a polysemetic interpreter, a common VM, which language authors can utilise to their own ends (within constraints), whereby the principles of JavaScript dynamism define it's             operational boundaries.
> You lost me at "common VM". 
> We currently have some of the fastest VMs in the world as a direct result of strong competition between VMs. Even better, the VMs are healthily stealing good ideas from each other as all of them are open source. So far we've had the best possibly outcome and I wonder what there could possibly be to gain from consolidation.
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