egal harmony proposal updates

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed May 11 14:15:42 PDT 2011

See -- I took the liberty of renaming 'eq' to 'is' and I made the operator idea from the November TC39 meeting concrete.

Note that egal as an ''is' operator, with 'isnt' as the not-egal operator, differs from CoffeeScript's 'is' and 'isn't, which are sugar for === and !== respectively. Nevertheless, I think 'is' and 'isn't are much better names than 'eq' and 'neq' or 'ne' (ouch). If standardizes this proposal, Coffee will cope.

The proposal is already harmonious without being complete, and my edits are not the last word, but it seemed worth iterating to make the proposal have fewer open issues and more detailed rationale. I did leave a couple of open issues. Please holler at me if there are more to add.


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