JSapi europe meet-up

Tom Schuster tom at schuster.me
Mon May 9 13:38:45 PDT 2011

You can ignore this, wrong mailing list :)

Am 09.05.2011 um 16:37 schrieb Tom Schuster <tom at schuster.me>:

> Hello fellow hackers,
> after about half a year of hacking on our Monkeys, i felt it would be
> nice to meet face to face. If you are from europe, please at your self
> to the list and the dates that would please you. Of course it would be
> really awesome, if some of you US guys would be there to, but that
> maybe better for following meet.
> http://etherpad.mozilla.org:9000/euro-jsapi-meet-2011
> See you,
> Tom

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