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>  On 22.03.2011 23:42, David Bruant wrote:
> Hi,
> About the string_repeat strawman (
>, one
> alternative solution could be a two argument constructor. Something like:
> String(n, pattern). So, for the example in the strawman, it would be
> String(3, '*').
> A little bit off-topic, but not so big off-topic. Recently on Twitter there
> was a question why it's not an array of zeros:

Actually I think Array.fill or Array#fill should be added for one of the
reasons for repeat: it is very likely that the host environment can iterate
(or even optimize) a repeat/fill much much faster than the es interpreter
could possibly achieve through looping. Especially with larger numbers.

(I'm happy once we can use a native String#repeat :)

Otoh, I don't think the second problem David points out (generate unique
property names) should become part of the spec. Seems to me to be a rather
obscure use case.

- peter
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