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On 22.03.2011 23:42, David Bruant wrote:
> Hi,
> About the string_repeat strawman 
> (, one 
> alternative solution could be a two argument constructor. Something 
> like: String(n, pattern). So, for the example in the strawman, it 
> would be String(3, '*').

A little bit off-topic, but not so big off-topic. Recently on Twitter 
there was a question why it's not an array of zeros:

Array(100).map(function() { return 0; }); // not the array of zeros

the answer is known of course (there's no any property in the created 
array), but similary to your String(n, '*'), there can be also 
Array.fill(100, 0); or Array.init(100, 0);

P.S.: though, of course all these can be done manually in ES itself.


> In ES5, the String constructors (String and new String) both are 
> expected to be used with zero or one argument, so using a two argument 
> constructor should not break the web or people's expectations.
> David
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