Summary of i18n ad hoc group meeting - 21st March 2011

Erik Arvidsson erik.arvidsson at
Mon Mar 21 17:31:46 PDT 2011

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 17:28, Nebojša Ćirić <cira at> wrote:
> Started implementation of collator in Chrome and hit a problem:
> var coll = locale.collator();
> array.sort(;
> Compare method gets bound to the undefined or global object at the call
> site. Erik mentioned that this problem will be solved in Harmony by passing
> additional "this" parameter to for-each and likes. We would like to propose
> extending this syntax to the sort method too.

Not exactly. I said that the Array methods on ES5 already pass in an
optional this parameter and maybe we *could* do the same for
Array.prototype.sort in Harmony.

> We discussed each part of the API in order to get detailed parameters of
> each constructor and method.
> General:
> Add options property to each class that would give you actual value for the
> user parameters. For example, if user asked for islamic calendar, and we
> only have islamic-civil, we set calendar property to islamic-civil. Allows
> developer to iterate until satisfied with the result.
> Use Unicode identifier vs. BCP47 in the API
> Collator:
> numeric - specifies numeric sort (9 comes before 12)
> ignoreVariants - ignore all of case, width and kana
> ignoreWidth, ignoreCase and ignoreKana - subvariants we may implement to
> fine tune the behavior
> ignoreAccents - ignore accents
> ignoreSymbols - ignore punctuation and symbols
> variant - phonebook, ... - string
> NumberFormat:
> Allow patterns to specify grouping, currency symbol position and sign
> location
> Start with ICU patterns and see if they work for everybody
> Don't support overrides for grouping separator and decimal point for now
> Specify both currencySymbol and currencyCode as override
> DateTimeFormatSymbols:
> Added Era and day period methods (AM/PM)
> Moved all methods to DateTimeFormat class
> Remove DTFSymbols class
> DateTimeFormat:
> Specify calendar names better (move work to Unicode/LDML and point to their
> document).
> Allow short/long dateType to get value from the system or cloud.
> .options[skeleton] should contain best match for the given skeleton
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