Bringing setTimeout to ECMAScript

Wes Garland wes at
Sun Mar 20 15:19:11 PDT 2011

> It doesn't, so we're going to need a non-clamping alias. Perhaps an [ugly]
 setTimeout ( ƒ, -1 ) ?

I posit that the clamping behaviour and timer resolution are domain-specific
(embedding-specific) implementation details.  Browser makers have been able
to deal with run-away CPU scripts, even the ES5 theoretically allows
programs which consume all available CPU. Similarly, I'm sure they can
manage to figure out how to clamp setTimeout() even if it isn't specified to
have an explicit clamping behaviour.

That said, I am personally more interested in a set of primitives which can
be used to implement setTimeout, rather than setTimeout itself. Although,
browser makers will probably have to clamp the primitives, too..


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