Playground for the quasi strawmen

Mike Samuel mikesamuel at
Tue Mar 15 15:06:14 PDT 2011

I put together a playground so you can interactively experiment with
the quasi strawman syntax while I update the draft spec.

Take a look at

It's a REPL derived from the squarefree shell which desugars the input
before eval-ing it.

You can get started with some canned example code available from a
drop-down at the top right.

There's a few quasi-handlers built in:

safehtml - this does contextual auto-escaping of dynamic value in HTML

msg - this implements quite a bit of Shanjian's String.format
proposal, but on top of quasis.

html_msg - this demonstrates that it is possible to write quasi
handlers that compose using a simple shim, so quasis do not force you
to choose between having composed content be secure or i18n-able.

raw - a simple quasi handler that gets python style raw strings.


(I debugged this on a number of browsers, but I haven't had a change
to try a lot of older, smaller, mobile, or OS-specific browsers.)

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