Extended Object Literals to review

Juan Ignacio Dopazo dopazo.juan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 12:46:26 PDT 2011

One more question about the future of classes on Harmony.

Although the <meta: property> syntax is very clear, I'm wondering if it
isn't better to be less innovative and stick to what ES4/Java/etc have been
doing for a long time. Wouldn't something like this ease the learning curve
of the new features?

frozen class C extends S {

In this case frozen would apply to both the constructor, the prototype and
the instances created from the class. My guess is that most developers will
usually chose to apply a generic property instead of a more granular
approach (sealing only the prototype, etc). Of course, this could coexist
with <meta: properties> for when it is necessary to be more specific.

class C extends S {
  <sealed: instance>

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