iteration order for Object

Charles Kendrick charles at
Fri Mar 11 16:31:20 PST 2011

On 3/11/2011 3:58 PM, Jeff Walden wrote:
> On 03/11/2011 02:07 PM, Charles Kendrick wrote:
>> Your perspective is common in a group like this - very spec and standard focused. Isn't it
>> fun to bash those developers? Everyone's doing it.. I hope you realize it's irrelevant though?
> Insinuating bad faith ("Isn't it fun" and "Everyone's doing it") may not be a successful
> strategy for swaying others to your point of view. Just saying.

My apologies.  It is frustrating to open a discussion with a proposal of what is best, and have 
it be redirected repeatedly into a discussion of who is to blame.

> And I tend to agree with David Bruant about the makeup of the list being lightly-involved
> developers, true standardistas, implementers, spec writers, and more: a fairly mixed bunch with
> lots of different motivations and goals, to which few generalized sentiments can fairly be
> attributed.

You're certainly correct that it's a mixed bunch of roles, but that's within the very narrow 
subset of developers who know about the standards process and care enough to be here.

However I would never attribute a general sentiment to any group, that's almost always wrong. 
I said a certain perspective would be more common.  It's been my (repeated) personal experience 
that you get very different responses on a list devoted to standards than from (say) an 
enterprise development shop.  Easily verified.

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