Here Documents

ATSUSHI TAKAYAMA taka.atsushi at
Wed Mar 9 15:45:13 PST 2011


Here Document, or triple-quote string literal, was a proposed feature
for ES4, which doesn't seem to be considered for Harmony/Strawman.

I don't know if it's a completely dead proposal, but I would like to
give it a second life. The use case is not just for HTML templating,
which I think should be done with DOM rather than by string
manipulation, but for programming languages.

WebGL shader language is one of the examples. Many examples on the web
use <script> elements in HTML to write a shader which then is scraped
by JS with getElementById("some-shader").textContent etc. for use in
the script. I think this is very silly because shaders should belong
to the Controller, not the View. Now that Khronos is looking to
standardize WebCL as well, so there will be even more demand for Here

What do you think?


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