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Is this an argument for including a matrix library in the spec? 'Cause my point was just, if the rationale for including it is that host implementations could exploit the GPU, well, so could JS.

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On Mar 5, 2011, at 3:59 PM, David Herman wrote: >> A big favourite of mine (I'm biased, though...) is the Eigen2 library >> (LGPL3+): > > I can't speak for other browser vendors, but I think that license isn't compatible with Mozilla's codebase. But thanks for the reference. > >> Using the small, fixed size subset of that lib and exporting the >> interface to ECMAScript should give perfect coverage > > Can you be more explicit about what you mean by "perfect coverage?" What set of use cases are you trying to address? Are we talking specifically 3D graphics? If that's the case, it's not clear whether that's really appropriate for the ECMAScript spec. As I say, we standardize very few libraries, usually just the smallest set needed to provide core functionality. > > Just looking around, there are already lots of WebGL matrix libraries out there: > > > >> BTW: The big break though the GeForce graphic cards brought, was that >> 
operations went from the CPU to the GPU. > > Then again, WebGL is already exposing the GPU to JS programmers. IANA GPU expert, but can you not already farm out matrix math to the GPU via GLSL? Sure, but why? Latency to go to the GPU sucks, having to pack your data in GPU-specific structures sucks, etc., etc. GLSL may only be a win if all the other work you want to do is also going to happen on-GPU. > As I say, I'll look into this, but a standardized matrix library doesn't seem as high priority to me as the rest of the binary data spec. > > Dave > >_____________________________________________
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