Summary: prototypes as classes

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On 6/30/11 at 17:46, rfobic at (Irakli Gozalishvili) wrote:

>I think that whole constructors as classes business in JS is 
>confusing for everyone coming to JS, and they only understand 
>it after understanding confusing constructor- prototype relationship.

I don't know about others, but I need to have a mental model of 
what is going on in order to feel comfortable using a 
language/API/library. I didn't really feel comfortable with the 
ADD instruction until I understood how addition was implemented 
at the circuit level. I didn't feel comfortable with C++ classes 
until I understood the basic layout of an instance. I think is a 
matter of believing I can avoid stepping on any landmines that 
may be lying about.

I have a prejudice that the model should match the reality, but 
I accept that an optimizer may do something completely different 
if it still implements the model.

Simple is nice, but accurate is more important.

Cheers - Bill

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