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On Jun 23, 2011 6:14 PM, "Jorge" <jorge at> wrote:
> The C language is still (and -ISTM- will be for a long time) important, so
-IMO- every little bit of JS's C-like syntax is a plus: less to learn: an
old, popular, widely used, well-known, and familiar syntax.

The fraction of JS programmers who have ever used C is small and shrinking
fast.  Even for other Algol suburbs.

> JS -unlike other languages- is important enough that it does not need to
follow these (dubious) trendy fashions to become popular. Nor to survive.

Do you really believe that these proposals are motivated by fashion?

> Proper punctuation aids comprehension and we're programming, not writing
quick SMSs.

Punctuation can be valuable, especially for indicating the relationship
between words and phrases, or disambiguating (c.f. uncle Jack and the

But we shouldn't make authors illuminate their leading caps, or write !!!1!
whenever they want to exclaim. Abbreviations and are popular in speech
because they make expression easier as well as shorter.

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