this vs thi\u0073

Mike Samuel mikesamuel at
Mon Jun 20 13:53:03 PDT 2011

I was mucking around with some tests of how interpreters deal with
identifiers whose decoded value is the same as a reserved keyword.

Many interpreters seem to diverge wildly from the spec and from each
other w.r.t. encoded versions of the keyword "this".

I don't see any relationship between the identifier "this" and
ThisBinding in the spec, so I believe the below tests should all pass.
 Am I missing something?

The testcases are available at
and are reproduced below for easy quoting:

      assertTrue("this" === "thi\u0073");

      (function () {
        var thi\u0073 = 42;
        assertFalse(this === 42);
        assertTrue(thi\u0073 === 42);

      (function (thi\u0073) {
        assertFalse(this === 42);
        assertTrue(thi\u0073 === 42);

      (function thi\u0073() {
        assertFalse("function" === typeof this);
        assertTrue("function" === typeof thi\u0073);

      var called = false, bodyReached = false;
      var \u0069\u0066 = function (x) { assertFalse(x); called = true; };

      assertTrue("if" === "\u0069\u0066");

        bodyReached = true;

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