A shorthand for Object.defineProperty?

Axel Rauschmayer axel at rauschma.de
Mon Jun 20 11:16:38 PDT 2011

> Decorators are in some folks' sights for Harmony, but not ES.next. However, they're still too verbose.

I like to distinguish between
(1) encoding complexity for people who write code and
(2) encoding complexity for people who read code. (2) is much more important than (1).

- Perl optimizes (1), to the detriment of (2)
- Smalltalk optimizes (2).
- Semicolons fall into a similar category: As a reader, I’m used to punctuation and have an *easier* time reading code with semicolons, but they are obviously more to type.

I can usually handle a few special characters, but there is a threshold, after which I prefer full-blown keywords (again: those are parsed by the brain as a single token, so the cognitive load compared to single characters is about the same). If ES.next lands between Perl and Smalltalk, I’ll be very happy. ;-)

If one includes ES.next’s quasis, then ES.next might even be at the center of a triangle (Java, Smalltalk, Lisp) – which is a good thing.

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