A shorthand for Object.defineProperty?

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Mon Jun 20 09:22:42 PDT 2011

On Jun 20, 2011, at 3:43 AM, Axel Rauschmayer wrote:

> Would it make sense to include a shorthand for calling Object.defineProperty() to object literals?
> Possible benefits:
> - Extensible, should other property attributes come up in the future
> - Descriptive
> - Might obviate the need to have a shorthand for "enumerable" (I usually ignore it and can’t think of any use cases)
> === Example ===
> var Multiplier = {
>    FACTOR :: { value: 3, writable: false },

Do not use :: -- it is wanted for http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=strawman:guards (and used previously in E4X, ECMA-357).

Allen presented new syntax roughly as verbose at the March TC39 meeting. General reaction was "too verbose".

Wherefore the #!~ prefixes idea, now in http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=harmony:object_literals -- the syntax there is definitely not final, BTW, but something like it is needed. I've argued we shouldn't try to be "half-verbose", and since ES5 has the very verbose functional API, object initialisers probably will go the other way.


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