block lambda proposal in light of compiling to JavaScript

Mariusz Nowak at
Mon Jun 20 05:12:39 PDT 2011

Brendan Eich-3 wrote:
> I noted the reaction here and in talks I've given, citing the straw poll I
> took about arrow functions, lambdas, there-can-be-only-one. 8/6/unanimous
> (some abstained). IOW, TC39 wants at most one
> lambda-or-just-shorter-function syntax (lambda carries semantics). The
> committee was mixed on arrow functions with Waldemar concerned about
> grammatical issues I've tried to address in the strawman. Others were
> quite in favor of arrows.
> Block lambdas were more divisive, in part because of the syntax, but in
> larger part (IMHO) because of the novel TCP semantics. Some on the
> committee decried "excessive bits of cleverness". Others said "won't this
> confuse n00bs?" (Meta-discussion #27 from
> More than a few were
> quite in favor, though (Allen, Dave Herman, Mark Miller).
> So, a mixed reaction and no consensus for

I'm +1 for block level lambdas.
I think we definitely need shorter function syntax, so why not take it with
additional power and simplicity that lambdas will give us. At least this: looks
very appealing to me.

Mariusz Nowak
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