block lambda proposal in light of compiling to JavaScript

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sat Jun 18 16:14:40 PDT 2011

On Jun 18, 2011, at 1:50 PM, Brendan Eich wrote:

> On Jun 18, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Peter Michaux wrote:
>> So what can be done to help move the block lambda proposal towards Harmony?
> To me the biggest obstacle is the meta-point about "OMG too different" regarding return, break, and continue having TCP conformance. At least one TC39er also wanted |this| to be other than lexical (i.e., TCP-conformant). I don't know how to overcome this meta-discussion point. Arguing endlessly about it does not get anywhere.

A couple of more thoughts:

* I said at #txjs that instead of endless meta-discussions, we should "address concrete use-cases, fill language gaps". That requires showing how concrete use-cases unserved by function today are served by lambda, or else showing a language gap that needs filling for a more subtle reason.

* Implementing block-lambdas as an extension in a real browser and then winning developers support, where the developers convey their wish in large enough numbers to other browser vendors, would do it. Clearly this can take a while (getters and setters, array extras).


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