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> We can definitely leave protected out. My "seems inevitable" was in
> response to Kam bringing it up via a question that I expect will be
> frequently asked.

I really hope we can. My interest in adding class syntax to JS was that I
saw the same patterns being done again and again in the code I worked with
and I wanted a lighter more declarative syntax for them. The proposal we
have does a great job of that.

So far, I very rarely see "protected" patterns in the code I work with, so
adding that as language feature would buy me anything. It would just give me
the ability to express something I don't care to express. Also, it we can
get traits in, my hunch is that those two features won't play
nice together.

In C++ protected is used quite a bit, judging from Mozilla's codebase.

I used to use it a lot in my C++ days too but I had a different mindset
then. My C++ philosophy was "make sure no *can* break my class's contracts
and encapsulation". When I moved over to JS I found that softening to "make
it easy to not break the contracts and encapsulation but presume most of my
users are not malicious". (The "private" stuff in the proposal that Mark is
championing is great for when users actually *are* malicious.) From that
angle, protected doesn't buy me much. It's not strong enough for security,
and it's stronger than needed when we're all friends.

- bob
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