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>  Le 06/06/2011 17:31, David Bruant a écrit :
> myWeakMap.set(key, value) doesn't return anything. It could return the
> previous value for the key (if such a thing exists). Is it intentional that
> the set function doesn't return anything?
> Anyone has thoughts on this point?

I prefer the present behavior because

1) I'll be proposing that WeakMaps have "has" and "delete" methods so they
better match the Map proposal and what Mozilla has already implemented.
Given this, the four methods seem even more field-like. Setters don't return
anything. [[Put]] doesn't return anything. And " = baz" returns baz,
not the previous value of

2) The current API makes it easier to reason about when you're using
read-rights vs write-rights. A bound set method (weakMap.set.bind(weakMap))
can be handed out to give rights to store into a given weak map without
giving out rights to retrieve from it. And vice versa for a bound get

3) If we do this for "set", we'll be tempted to do it for "delete". Let's
keep things simple.

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