how to create strawman proposals?

Kyle Simpson getify at
Fri Jun 3 08:59:45 PDT 2011

> I just wanted to add, that it's always wise to flesh out an idea by 
> writing it up as a cohesive proposal. Don't  let lack of non-member access 
> to the TC39 wiki stop you from doing this.  Write it up anyway.  Then post 
> it to your personal blog, website, github, or anywhere else that  you have 
> access to.  Then start a discussion thread here and point at your 
> proposal.  That's really all it takes.

Thanks Allen. That's the spirit of what I was trying to accomplish. I was 
operating under (incorrect) assumptions about how I've been able to create 
proposals for W3C/WHATWG on their wiki before, and thinking that perhaps 
there was (or should be?) a simple "this is not official" (aka, 
"es-informal") sandbox on the ES wiki (and corresponding list) for the same.



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