statements that could be expressions?

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Thu Jun 2 16:06:06 PDT 2011

On 06/02/11 13:43, Mike Samuel wrote:
> Yes.  That grammar is a subset of the grammar that results from
> replacing the 11.1.6 ' PrimaryExpression : "(" Expression ")" '
> production with
>      "(" GroupElement GroupElements ")"
> where GroupElement is defined as any Statement except for Block and
> EmptyStatement without a terminal semicolon, and GroupElements is
> defined thus
>      GroupElements : empty
>          | ";" GroupElement GroupElements
> but I thought it was easier to reason about ambiguity and locality of
> spec changes for that subset.
> 2011/6/2 Waldemar Horwat<waldemar at>:
>> Did you mean to disallow an expression as the first statement in your
>> "block"?

There's no reason to disallow expression statements from the beginning, and it's really odd that you can write

(if (a) b; x = 2; c)

but not:

(x = 2; if (a) b; c)

There are other issues, though, with expression statements that begin with the word "function", but those happen regardless of whether the expression statement is first.  For those, are you declaring a named function (in what scope?) or returning a function value?


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