statements that could be expressions?

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Wed Jun 1 17:52:58 PDT 2011

On 06/01/11 16:07, Peter Michaux wrote:
> Could some of JavaScript's statements also be allowed as expressions?
> In Perl there is the common idiom when opening a file
>    open F, "<  $f" or die "Can't open $f : $!";
> In JavaScript could "throw" be an expression?
>    f() || throw 'f failed';
> Could JavaScript's "if" become an expression? (I know JavaScript the
> ?: operator but this is just a for example.)
> Could a Block statement also be an expression like Scheme's "begin"?
> Peter

Theoretically it's possible to allow statements as expressions, but you run into a number of practical problems:

- Precedence inversion:

a = if (b) c

So far so good.  However, the substatement of an if can also be a comma expression, which causes trouble:

a = if (b) c, d

Also, what should be stored in a if b is false?  You can argue between false, null, and undefined.

- Conflict between blocks and statements:

a = {x: while (x) { ... break x;}}

is either an object initializer or a block containing a labeled while statement.

- Semicolon insertion:

   if (longcondition) {
   } else {

will not do what you want.  The entire if is dead code.


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