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Nebojša Ćirić cira at google.com
Wed Jul 27 10:52:07 PDT 2011

Hi all,
 these are steps that need to happen if we were to meet deadline for Ecma
General Assembly in December:

1. First draft of the document has to be ready for TC39 review 3 weeks
before September meeting (Sept 28th).
2. Final draft if approved, will be published 2 months before the General
Assembly meeting - publish date is October.

 There are some unresolved issues left from our last July 26th meeting that
we need to resolve in August in order to meet the deadlines. I propose a
teleconference (I will book local room too for people that want to show up
in person) mid August.

 List of issues:

1. Collation was not reviewed.
2. Extended date/time skeletons proposed by Erik (Microsoft)
3. Skeleton for NumberFormat proposed by Nebojsa (Google)
4. Global namespace name - we used globalization, but we should try
shortening it.
5. UTC timezone addition to DateTime format (and local timezone)
6. Name for options property - suggested resolvedSettings?

Things we decided on:

1. Remove LocaleInfo class.
2. Add global object that acts as a namespace for DateTimeFormat,
NumberFormat and Collator classes -- and future extensions to the standard.
3. Remove regionID property since we pass currencyCode directly.
4. Each service accepts localeID property (empty, string, array of strings)
and does validation/resolution based on supported locales for a service.
5. Options property holds resolved values that user asked for (numberSystem:
thai if -u-nu-thai was specified).
6. For currency formatting, user has to specify ISO currency code - throw
exception if it's missing.
7. Rounding mode for number formatting was defined as round half up (away
from 0).
8. Error handling was defined better - exceptions for invalid parameters

Nebojša Ćirić
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