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Tue Jul 12 13:58:13 PDT 2011

I've created a wiki page to host stable versions of the editors of the (probably "ES6") specification.  It is   

The first working draft is also there in both MS office and PDF forms.  It's change log is:
	•  5.1.4 Introduction of the concept of supplemental grammars.
	• 5.3 Introduction of concept of Static Semantic Rules
	• 8.6.2 and various places. Eliminated [[Class]] internal property. Added various internal trademark properties as a replacement.
	• 10.1.2 defined the concept of “extended code” that means code that may use new syntax. Also redefined “strict code” to mean either ES5 strict mode code or extended code.
	• 11.1.4 added syntax and semantics for use of spread operator in array literals
	• 11.1.5 added syntax and semantics for property value shorthand and various semantic helper abstract operations.
	• 11.2, 11.2.4 added syntax and semantics for spread operator in argument lists
	• 11.13 Add syntax and semantics for destructuring assignment operator.
	• 12.2 Added BindingPattern syntax and partial semantics to support destructuring in declarations and formal parameter lists.
	• 13 Added syntax to support rest parameter, parameter default values, and destructuring patterns in formal parameter lists. Also static semantics for them. However, instantiation of such parameters is not yet done. Defined the argument list “length” for such enhanced parameter lists.
	• 15 Clarified that clause 15 function specifications are in effect the definition of [[Call]] internal methods.
	• Respecified toString to not use [[Class]]. Note that adding an explicit extension mechanism is still a to-do.
	• Annex B Retitled as normative optional features of Web Browser ES implementations

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