JavaScript parser API

David Herman dherman at
Wed Jul 6 14:26:59 PDT 2011

> Ah, sorry. Seems I got the wrong impression from the list archives - perhaps only the interested parties participated in
> those older threads. Thanks for clarifying.

I think you're looking for a thumbs-up/thumbs-down answer from TC39, when we haven't really discussed it that much. We've explained in this thread what we perceive as the challenges, but so far it hasn't really been the focus of many TC39 discussions.

I think the best thing people could do to advance the state of the discussion would be to actually go out and build such a library, in pure JS. As Allen says, this stuff is all implementable in JS. There's no actual need for it to be standardized by TC39.

That's not to say that that won't ever happen, but I don't think it's high up on anyone's priority list right now. It certainly is off the table for

> In as much as this due to technical reasons (efficiency concerns, too large a gap between internal representation
> and useful external API), could this be reflected on the
> strawman page, please?
> Just so no-one else gets unreasonably optimistic.

I've added a quick list.


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