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Fri Jul 1 14:32:22 PDT 2011

> With <| and 'super' in functions, I think you are set. It's hard to add more. The main debate is about whether this is enough, or do classes as sugar provide enough added value?

<|, super and possibly some support for subclassing (to set up the constructor property in subclasses etc.) would cover *a lot* of ground (if we can’t have something more sophisticated – I’m wondering if we are at a “now or never” point in this regard. That is: If we don’t make breaking changes for <insert your favorite class-like construct> now, will we ever?).

One thing that should be kept in mind is tool support: How do IDEs get enough information for auto-expansion etc. Lack of a good IDE still makes it slightly painful to write JavaScript for me (while I really like the language). Is there someone with experience in that department that could comment? I’m guessing that type guards would help(?) What else?

IDE support would be a pro-class literal argument, I guess. Another question: If *everything* is encapsulated (instantiation, subclassing, instanceof, etc.) then it doesn’t matter any more what goes on under the hood.

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