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> > why do I have to create constructor function for all classes / subclasses
> ?

This magic trades confusion for convenience. In any earlier version of the
proposal, I actually had a traditional default constructor, the equivalent

    constructor() { super(); }

but others argued against it. Sorry don't remember who. There were plenty of
off list discussions to gather consensus. On this one, I didn't feel
strongly either way, but I eventually agreed with the objectors. When in
doubt, throw it out -- even more important in language design than in

> This could be handled by class literals by allowing for default
> constructors.  If one doesn't provide a constructor, the following one
> could be provided:
> constructor(... args) {
>  super(... args);
> }

This one I object to because those used to other languages that provide such
default constructors will only call the super constructor with no arguments.
Though now that you mention it, I can see why JSers without exposure to
other languages may naturally expect your's.

With two expectations for the semantics of something that does not appear in
the code, and without a static or dynamic rejection to prevent progress of
the code written to the wrong assumption, I now finally feel strongly about
this. The critics were right -- we should not provide any default
constructor. Thanks for pointing out the problem case.

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