"Harmony is a super-set of ES5 strict"

David Bruant bruant at enseirb-matmeca.fr
Fri Feb 25 07:36:15 PST 2011


I have once seen a presentation from Douglas Crockford where he was
saying that new ECMAScript features would be developed on top of ES
strict mode (sorry for not having the exact quote, I hope I'm not
misinterpreting). I have re-read that "Harmony is a super-set of ES5
strict" (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=600693#c7)

And I am wondering what this means.

Does it mean that the "use strict" directive is implicit whenever an
ESHarmony feature is used? (this sounds wrong, but I'm asing the
question anyway)

Does it mean that ESHarmony features cannot be used if the "use strict"
directive is absent? (so, for instance, having the Harmony Proxy object
in non-strict environment may be considered as a bug)

Are there other meanings?

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