ES6 doesn't need opt-in

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There is no 5.5 -- new features can be used from unversioned script, but those that break backward compatibility (old code running in new browser) must be inside a new special form that expresses explicit opt-in. This means

  yield reserved in function*
  let reserved in module body (however declared)
  free variable error checking in module body
  completion reform in module body
  typeof null reform in module body (debatable)

Global code still can use new features such as module declarations. That means your "global = ES5" does not work. Do not linearize onto a version number line.


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Each new feature can be considered independently. Anything that is only allowed within modules becomes a carrot to lead programmers to the improved semantics, but whenever we can compatibly make something available to global code, we should do so. No point needlessly depriving programmers of ES6 goodies such as destructuring or spread/rest. 

I’m not entirely sure, but introducing two new dialects (ES5.5 and ES6, if you will) at the same time seems problematic. It might be easier to stick to the simpler rule of “global = ES5”. 

Apart from that: sold. 

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