ES6 doesn't need opt-in

David Herman dherman at
Sat Dec 31 18:30:40 PST 2011

On Dec 31, 2011, at 6:08 PM, Oliver Hunt wrote:

>> # What about eliminating the window from the scope chain?
>> Short answer: giving up.
> I think we can drop the global object from the scope chain in ES.  In the context of the browser we need to come up with a way to trigger it.

Maybe. I don't think it's as important. You can choose to use no globals whatsoever if you want once we have the stdlib available via standard "@" URL's.

If we can find a simple way to opt out of the global object that isn't a burden, I'm for it. But I suspect if it's too much work, it's just easier... to not use the global object. :)

> Someone brought up the typeof semantic change as concern :-/

I'm not concerned. It's technically doable, in that the change would only be within module code. But I think changing the semantics of typeof in only part of JS is a bad idea anyway. It's not enough win to pay for itself. And I think it's pretty clear we can't change it everywhere without breaking the web.


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