How to clean up __proto__ (was: Why we need to clean up __proto__)

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>>         I've been thinking about this "run first" idea for some time.
>>         Since on a
>>         webpage, security seems to depend on your ability to run code
>>         first, it
>>         would be interesting if there was a way to ensure that some code
>>         (preferably defensive) is run before *any* other code. Though
>>         I find
>>         this interesting, I'm still not sure whether this would be a
>>         good or bad
>>         idea. I'm also clueless on how it would look like.
>>         Creative ideas welcome.
>>     The browser runs first: what can't it do that you want to support?
>     I was thinking of the case of XSS for instance where your code is
>     in competition with unexpected and malicious code. What I've said
>     before applies and even against an XSS attack, you can prevent
>     cookie theft as long as you run first.
>     I can't see a way for the browser to enforce that trusted code run
>     before untrusted code.
> I must be missing something here, but if you put your defensive script
> first in the head of the html, how can XSS code run first? Most XSS
> attacks are base on user data unescaped and put into the body of the
> page somewhere.
In some cases, the unescaped data is put in the <title> or in the <meta>
element as keywords or description, so before the body.

I think there is no unique solution. It's up to the web dev to know what
the dangers are, what the points that are dangerous and maybe write a
defensive script before that. Why not inlined if it's short enough.

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