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Jason doesn't want a wrapper written in JS that depends on the current value of this.indexOf, I think. That's enough reason for a built-in. This is a no-brainer for ES6 IMHO.


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> There is a proposal for String.prototype.contains so why can't I find 
> one for Array.prototype.contains? 

No kidding. I need this method every time I write ECMAScript code. 
What I want is like: 

Object.defineProperty(Array.prototype, "contains", { 
configurable: true, 
writable: true, 
value: function contains(x) { 
return this.indexOf(x) !== -1; 

except without the property lookup for indexOf. 

At this.indexOf ? Or the whole "this.indexOf(x) !== -1;" lookup? How else could it work? 



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