Simple maps/sets: parameterize the comparator?

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Wed Dec 28 22:14:00 PST 2011

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> > I take it you are simply reiterating the desire for a standard system
> provided high entropy object-identity hash that is guaranteed to correspond
> to === and is. I agree (though it didn't make it into ES6), but that's the
> dual of the question Axel is asking.
> If we really need it, I believe that we can still choose to add a standard
> Object.hash to go along with, and not break the complexity budget
> or aspirational schedule. Just my two cents. We had some consensus in 2010
> on how such a hash would avoid leaking addresses or partial address order:
I'd be happy to see it accepted into ES-next. Part of negotiating the
complexity budget is to also beware of precedent setting, i.e., accepting
new small items may invite the advancing of other new small items, each of
which is well below the complexity budget. But even then, I think I still
agree on this one.

A shame no one thought to advance it at the historic May meeting.

> /be

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