Maps and WeakMaps interoperability

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>     Hi,
>     Maps [1] and WeakMaps [2] are very similar in their API. Since neither
>     proposal discusses how they should interact with each other, I was
>     wondering what is supposed to happen when trying to use the API of one
>     on the other.
>     -----
>     var m = new Map();
>     var key = {};
>     m.set(key, 37);
>, key); // ?
>     -----
>     Currently Chrome canary says "illegal access".
>     Is it the behavior that is wished for the features?
> That's what I wish. JS already has name-based polymorphism (as is
> typical of scripting languages). Generic methods, such as those from
> Array.prototype, are only appropriate when the actions of the generic
> method can itself be fully described in terms of accessing other
> publicly available properties by name-based lookup. In this case,
> get/set/has/delete is the lowest level publicly available interface,
> and their semantics is defined in terms of accessing internal
> encapsulated properties. In this regard, they are more like the
> Date.prototype methods. The fact that similar operations have the same
> names is all the polymorphism these need or should have.
Very interesting point.

Currently, the Date.prototype method throw a TypeError (ES5.1 - 15.9.5
introductory section). The same is probably expected when trying map
operations on weakmap (etc.) ?

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