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Mon Dec 19 04:42:29 PST 2011

I did start a related thread a while ago [1].

Brendan's response [2] explained a few things:
"Please read RFC 4329:

There will be *at least* a ;version=6 parameter you can use, probably
with either application/javascript and application/ecmascript -- I have
argued that we should align version numbers."

"Beyond the RFC 4329 version= parameter, we also want a pragma for
in-script-content version assertion:

  use version 6;"

See the full response [2] for full context.

Besides an es-discuss thread, I think that what is really needed is an
harmony proposal. How to opt-in for ES6 is outside of the scope of pure
ECMAScript (especially if it's with playing with the HTML script tag
@type attribute), but let's face it, web devs need this information and
a wiki page on the topic would be handy.

At the time of reading Brendan's response, I didn't have anything to add
on that and I still don't. Unlike HTML and CSS, JavaScript needs new
syntax features. Syntax features that are NOT backward compatible with
ES3. If you use one of these features, your script break in older
browsers (unlike new HTML elements and CSS rules).
I don't see an alternative to versionning. Smarter people are welcome to
jump in, I guess.



Le 19/12/2011 11:49, Peter van der Zee a écrit :
> ``use version 6;``
> In which thread on esdiscuss should I have read about that?
> - peter
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