Are Private name and Weak Map the same feature? and the Assoc API

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I see error here. Unless I misunderstood something, in present state it so 

var n = Name();
proxy[n] // triggers handler.get(target, n.public);
proxy[n.public] // triggers handler.get(target, ToString(n.public));

and n.public is object, not string. So get handler can easily discriminate 
between string and public object. Yes I can forge it with {toString: 
function() { return "foo"; }}, but you can simply check n.public === name to 
see if the right public for the name was supplied (and if you don't know n, 
do not meddle with its affairs, it's none of your business), so I see no 
need for special trap, reasonably coded get cannot be fooled by calling 

As for:

private name property get/set could bypass the proxy entirely and be 
forwarded unconditionally to the target, just like |typeof|, 
|Object.getPrototypeOf| and [[Class]].

please look at "Forward proxies with private names" thread. There I propose 
something in this line, but less strict and more powerful while still 


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