noSuchMethod: "funargs" + "invoke-only-phantoms"

Herby Vojčík herby at
Sat Dec 17 07:49:17 PST 2011

> > That's why I proposed first-class phantoms in gist: beasts that typeof
> > to "phantom", ToBoolean to false, ToNumber to 0, are wrapping a
> > function, [[Call]] calls that function, [[Get]] and [[Prototype]]
> > delegates to that function ([[Class]] is questionable) and rest does not
> > work ([[Set]] silently fails etc.). And the ability to return them from
> > any code, not just proxies.
> >
> This is by the way, may also be an interesting idea. You mean "phantom" is
> the function returned from `get' or it for "non-existing" method in case
> of noSuchMethod is used?

Returned from `get'. Or wherever else, too, if you feel, but get trap of a
proxy is one of the obvious uses.

> Dmitry.


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