Classes. again, again

Herby Vojčík herby at
Thu Dec 15 01:40:50 PST 2011

Hello, es-discuss!

I liked the Jeremy's direction, but I also liked the Allen's object literal 
extension idea (with one big objection, mentioned in my proposal) and the 
idea of reusing it in class definition.

It reuses these concept using one minimal twist, so in fact there is no 
separate class structure, only existing ones (existing in harmony, that is) 
reusal to the full extent. I see the need for having a syntax for a class 
that will be sugar meant for streamlining class pattern creation and at the 
same time standardising it bringing all classes under same umbrella and 
guiding those coming from "you must have classes" world (so I am not sharing 
Irakli Gozalishvili's view).

If you could give it a little time, here it is:

Thanx, Herby 

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