An experiment using an object literal based class definition pattern

Douglas Crockford douglas at
Fri Aug 5 12:54:39 PDT 2011

On 11:59 AM, Bob Nystrom wrote:
> Haven't we done that with ES1-3 already? Users have had 15 years of 
> prototypes and what they chose to do was make classes. We've got 
> Closure's goog.extends(), Dojo's dojo.declare(), Prototype's 
> Class.create() (ironic, given the name of the framework!), JS.Class, 
> and CoffeeScript's class syntax. How many more cows do we need before 
> that path is ready for paving?
This doesn't look like a path at all. The cows are all over the place. 
If we saw a lot of convergence, then I might say you have a good point. 
If you can convince Closure, Dojo,Prototype, and the others to all do it 
in the Same Right Way, then there would be a strong case to say that 
ought to go into the language.

There is a difference between a cow path and a field of cows. We should 
not attempt to pave the whole field, and we should be careful about 
following too closely behind any one cow.

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