Classes as Sugar is now ready for discussion

David Herman dherman at
Fri Sep 10 16:55:21 PDT 2010

> Yes, that's an accurate summary. It also brings me back to Dave's earlier question about the limited choices provided by the Traits library.
> ...
> Long story short: it's definitely possible for a Traits library to offer more knobs, although I'm not sure whether the increased complexity is worth it.

Just to be clear, I wasn't saying we should consider *more* knobs, just that other knobs are possible. I'm not convinced that the Trait.create knob offered by traits.js is necessary.

> Judging from earlier comments, it seems there is at least a niche for the combination of 'early conflict detection' + 'non-frozen, non-|this|-bound objects'.

I'm told this is what our colleagues working on Skywriter would have preferred.


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