Classes as Sugar is now ready for discussion

David Herman dherman at
Wed Sep 8 12:52:59 PDT 2010

>>> But since Traits seems to be blocked from advancing,
>> Is there someplace I should read to understand why Traits cannot advance?
> I asked MarkM off-list what the reason was, and he replied that there
> was an objection (raised by Waldemar?) to how class evolution was
> handled.

My feeling, and I think the feeling of others at the meeting when we discussed traits, was that traits.js is a very nice library but that it doesn't offer enough to the language to warrant standardization, at least yet. The fact that there would be performance benefits to built-in implementations of traits isn't enough to make the case. IMO, libraries should generally be very widely used and very stable before they are added to the ES standard library.


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